The VisAds packages (Call Nick on 01844 447856 or 07515 5444 31)
           <<< £ 300 plus £50 per year hosting >>>
  • You supply the picture of yourself or a mascot
  • You then send us a wav or mp4 file of what you want to say (no longer than 4min)
  • We build a cartoon and make it speak
  • We send you two lines of code
  • You paste these into the web page where you would like the WebAvatar to be
A VisAd  
          <<< (&) £500 plus £50 annual fee>>>
          <<< (* ) 750 plus £75 annual fee>>>
  • You supply the script and graphics
  • (*) We will do the speaking  or (&) you supply the speaker
  • Choice of studio backgrounds
  • The VisAd is produced
  • We will stream the video off our servers
  • We will provide all the code to your web developer
  • The VisAd can then be used on your web site or with an email
  • You can be online in less than a month
Full integration to your web site and email marketing
          <<< £1 300 plus £1 30 annual fee>>>
  • You supply the script and graphics, we edit it
  • We supply a the speaker or we can use your staff, plus we will supply additional graphics
  • The VisAd is produced
  • Integrate the VisAd into your web site
  • Build an HTML email campaign
  • Build a Sugar CRM instance for email tracking if required
Consult and Construct
           <<<£1500 for phase 1 then £1 300 plus £1 30 annual fee>>>
  • Phase 1
  • Free initial meeting
  • Review your current web site
  • One day work shop at your office
    • Attend a sales pitch
    • Meet the management team
    • Review all marketing material
    • Review of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
    • Telephone interviews of key customers
  • Produce a detailed report with recommendations
  • Phase 3
  • Produce a VisAd corporate pitch
  • Integrate the VisAd into your web site
  • Build an html email campaign
  • Build a Sugar CRM instance for email tracking if required
Full Web Design and Integration to Sugar CRM      
           <<< Prices on application >>>
  • Sugar CRM is the market leader in open source CRM.

    We can provide integration consultancy to help you link Sugar CRM to your existing sites so that all enquiries captured by your web site will automatically appear as leads in Sugar.
  • Alternatively we can design and build you a full web site with full integration to Sugar CRM


Sales Training
       <<<£1000 per day plus travel expenses>>>
  • Based around the concepts of "Empathy Selling" by Chris Golis this one day training course will incorporate the key personalities of individuals with your own sales methodology.
For detailed costs and further information on the packages please fill in the contact us form.