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Posted on: 14/10/10

Security myths - A monitored system will tie me into a costly contract...

There are systems on the market that not only charge up to £25 per month for the monitoring service alone, but also tie the user into a contract that can be up to 3 years in duration.  That’s £900 before you even take into account the cost of the alarm itself or any maintenance charges! 

The Halo 100 Starter Kit allows you to monitor you property from anywhere in the world for as little as £2.49 per month and there is no contract so the user can cancel at any time.  The user can control their system via an online interface or smartphone (i-phone app available) and the service will send out alarm notifications via SMS text message, landline phone call, email and even Twitter.  Not only is there no contract to tie-in a user for any length of time but there are various monitoring options to choose from, including a free level of service that offers a basic level of monitoring for those not wishing to pay any monthly charge.

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